The Story

John is an empath with a sense of humor, an artist + designer by trade, and a good samaritan by nature. Inspired by the shared human condition, their art and design seek to invite viewers to search for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Hatherly believes in mastery taking generations and approaches their work with a sense of naïvety and wonder—an infinite search for voice through a series of discrete, playful explorations to create forms that illuminate life.

Since starting Chamber in 2023, they’ve been intentional about seeking out partners and communities that care, both within and beyond the studio.

In addition to leading Chamber, they are currently engaged as the steward of Sondwerk, their artistic space for self-initiated projects; as host of Infinite Search, a podcast exploring stories of creativity and the human experience; and as a volunteer mentor with various organizations helping others in their careers and creative journeys.

They’ve spoken at AIGA’s Ask + Give; appeared on the design podcast, Underscore; and featured work alongside the city’s preeminent designers as part of the Chicago Design Museum’s 2023 exhibition 'Free + Open' celebrating the last 10 years of design in Chicago. Their work has launched products, helped companies to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and been featured in publications like the Chicago Tribune, Hodinkee, Cool Hunting, Great Lakes by Design, and more.

Leading with love, they believe wholeheartedly that the world is what we make of it.

John double-majored in mathematics and economics at Loyola University-Chicago before pursuing art + design as a careerall the rest they learned along the way.

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