The Manifesto for Good Werk is a philosophy for building positive cultural value in society. At its core is the intention to think well, be nice, and do good.

Think well.

Timing Matters.

Remember the past to help create a better future now. Action exists at the intersection of what came before us, those around us, and what we believe is possible.

Never lose the wonder.

Never lose your naïveté, the sense of wonder you have for life. It is highly improbable that you should even exist in your current state. Respect that.

Everything matters.

Consider the Universe a stakeholder—the flora, the fauna, the planets, the solar systems, the dark matter, the economies, the experiments, the techniques, the industries . . . the people. We all breathe, together.

Be nice.

Practice radical transparency.

Without truth, love fades. Radical transparency is needed to facilitate peaceful human coexistence. I believe in creating a society where people can freely express themselves and engage in thoughtful disagreement without harmful conflict, even when ideas are controversial. The future is open-sourced and radically transparent—live your truth.

Coöperation is key.

Humans are a coöperative species. Don’t be afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants, but leave the ego at the door. No one goes it alone. Keep moving, together.

Be generous.

That’s it. Just be generous. Time. Effort. Money. All of it.

Do good.

Practice surrender.

You must surrender to the process. In design, and in life. You must show up. You must show your work. You must commit.

Ability = Responsibility

If you have an ability to respond, you have a responsibility to do so. Cultural activism is often a last resort; but, for now, it may be our only option. It's time to do the werk.

Good people make great werk.

Seek out people, environments, and experiences that inspire you to create a more hospitable, peaceful future.


What's Next?

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