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What makes good wine? 

What makes wine good?


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Yield Wine grew organically from the household of Jillian Riley and John Hatherly—a sommelier and a design strategist, and their shared vision for creating positive cultural value in the wine industry.


the process

Where Values Meet Value-Creation

We believe the best products are made by good people doing great things for society. Everyone has a role in a globally interconnected economic system, and what and how we consume matters now more than ever.


From Soil to Sip

Planting seeds of change in the wine community.

From soil to sip, Yield Wine is dedicated to crafting positive growth in the wine community through intelligent and engaging reporting and commentary.

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A shared visual voice.

After a thorough visual exploration, we created a lowercase wordmark that lends an approachable voice in a commitment to engaging the community. Impactful and punchy without overasserting itself, the wordmark is sucessful across sizes and applications, and is built to stand alone in editorial design, or in conjunction with the noble grape brand device.


A community-driven color palette.

A wide range of playful, organic hues provide a respectful-yet-assertive tone. The color palette is informed by sun-drenched days and cool nights in wine country and provides plenty of opportunity for pairings both striking or restrained, whatever the conversation calls for.


Mindful of the past to build new meaning.

A traditional, old-style serif type treatment juxtaposed against modern color usage and layouts plant the Yield visual identity firmly between a respect for old-world techniques and history, and a new generation of winemakers and consumers.


Finding value in the void.

The clear space requirements around the edges of digital social media brand activation provided a constraint that led to building opportunity for color play in what was once-considered unusable void.

The frame reinforces the inclusivity of the Yield community through vibrant color pairings while creating new meanings from old paths.


celebrity wine: is it worth it?, 2020 | digital illustration

The Art (Direction) of Wine.

Editorial design for the publication seeks to incorporate an organic, human touch to illustration and artwork.


The Great Sulfite Myth, 2020 | Acrylic, Beeswax, Pigment, Pencil on Canvas


the good wine folks, 2020 | pencil on cotton rag, digitally illustrated


Tainted love: the effects of smoke taint on wine, 2020 | charcoal on cotton rag

The Result


Fostering A Conversation

We're excited to bring a positive conversation to the wine community.

As Yield grows, so will its community, and it's brand. I'm honored to help foster a conversation about positive cultural value in the wine industry.






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Screenprinted Stationery Note Cards

What's Next?




Exploring the intersection between art and action.

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Want to discuss a past project or how we can design the future? I'd love to chat!